Could Kobe Bryant take Showtime to Broadway?

Although the NBA season has come to an end with the Spurs being crowned kings of the hill, it doesn’t mean that the world of pro-hoops suddenly takes a hiatus till November. As a matter of fact the off season is interesting in its own right with the draft, trades and free agent signings all coming to the fore.

With the playoffs ending, we here at NBALOUD will give you dear readers the lowdown on the latest news and rumours regarding the Association.

Beginning with the Cleveland Cavaliers who were brutally exposed in their lack of offensive weapons after LeBron James is now reportedly interested in making a move for Mike Bibby.

Cleveland and Sacramento have engaged in discussion in the past in relation to acquiring Bibby, but those negotiations obviously fell through. Talk has apparently been renewed because Mike would be a great addition to the Cleveland line-up � he fulfills the Cavs need for a pure point guard, whilst being a nice second option behind Bron-Bron offensively.

Bibby will also greatly improve the woeful shooting of Cleveland from beyond the arc

Mike Bibby would be excellent in Cavs colours. (Image from

because he ranked seventh in the league in 3-pointers, hitting 36 percent of his attempts. You can bet that King James would dearly love Mike to come on board.

Veteran Orlando forward, and all-round nice guy Grant Hill, who is a free agent this offseason, has reportedly expressed interest in joining the Suns, Pistons or Spurs if he doesn’t re-sign with the Magic. Hill has stated that he wants to play for a contender that has a light practice philosophy. Phoenix would be the best fit, because coach for Phoenix Mike D�Antoni, doesn’t really engage in heavy practice sessions, preferring to save the legs of his squad for game situations.

Speaking of the Suns, Shawn Marion has been rumoured to be offered as trade bait because the team wants to offload burdensome contracts. Boston has become a leading suitor, potentially giving up their fifth pick in the upcoming draft to get Marion. Losing the Matrix would be a massive blow for the Suns because he is the unsung hero of the squad and you can be assured that Phoenix would look long and hard at any potential deals.

Finally, the recently unhappy, then happy, then unhappy, Kobe Bryant is apparently a target for the New York Knicks. Isiah Thomas, who is both coach and president of the team, has vowed to be active in trying to bring both Kobe and Jermaine O�Neal to Gotham. Obviously, Thomas is living in dreamland because they have no assets worth trading for, and not only that, the malcontents on the Knicks are also on massive contracts. Only teams with certifiably insane front office personnel would even entertain trading with New York.

Today�s video is of the top 10 blocks from the past season. Watch Yao get rejected by little Nate Robinson for a second time this week. 


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