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NBA Loud - by Rick Gillispie

Charles Barkley Hangs with Mr. Cooper.

For all you regular readers who haven’t noticed, we here at
Cast of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
Does anyone ever wonder about the obsessive people writing for wikipedia? (Image from wikipedia)
NBALOUD have been getting nostalgic of late. It’s easy to reminisce about the more innocent days of professional basketball before match fixing scandals blighted the Association.

Furthermore, since this writer is a huge fan of trash television, it has been even more fun revisiting shows with appearances from NBA players. So, what goodies do we have in store today with our trip down memory lane? Well, does anyone remember that show Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper? If anyone does than you’d surely be familiar with the double episode when some NBA players made an appearance.

Some may argue against this point, but the show more or less peaked after the first season with the double episode titled ‘Warriors’ probably being the highlight of the season.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show here is a quick rundown: In Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, the sitcom revolved around three housemates who would get into various shenanigans on a weekly basis – as sitcom characters invariably do. The show focused on the lives of Mark Cooper, Vanessa Russell and Robin Dumars.

Getting straight to the point the comedy was above average, while the main reason for tuning into the show was to watch the delectable Holly Robinson, as Vanessa Russell, do her thing. Oh, and of course the two part episode that we’re just about to talk about.

Since we’re focusing on cameos from NBA stars on television, the episodes of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper where some star ballers made an appearance on the show were very cool.

The main character, Mark Cooper was a former star collegiate player that had NBA aspirations but finds himself teaching gym in high school. Coop, had tried out for the Golden State Warriors during summer camp but was cut and had moved on with his life.

Since we’re in TV land, Mark miraculously gets a call from the Golden State Warriors to try out for the team once again on the strength of his performance and the word of his friend on the squad, Guy Beal.

Of course there is a dilemma that Mark has to deal with, and it is whether to stay with his new job as a gym teacher, or follow his hoop dreams. The answer of course is that he goes after his NBA aspirations. What else did you think? He gives up the chance to make NBA millions for the glamour and riches of being a teacher in the U.S. public school system?

G-State superstars way back in the day, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Billy Owens and coach
Charles Barkley
Sir Charles in your wet dreams? What a nightmare! (Image from wikipedia)
Don Nelson all make an appearance in the first episode where Mark tries to get a spot on the team. It starts off horribly for Coop when he gets dunked on by his old mate Guy Beal, while feeling less than pimpin’ in his play. Mark doesn’t feel confident whatsoever about gaining a roster spot.

Let us remind you that this is TV land and Mark by the end of the episode gets the call back from the Warriors and scores a 10 day contract! Celebrate good times with Mr. Cooper!

Once he is signed up, it is time for the on-court action where the Warriors will play back-to-back games with the Phoenix Suns, featuring none other than Sir Charles Barkley. Coop comes off the bench and who is he checking? Why it is the round mound of rebound himself, Charles Barkley! Let’s just say Sir Charles owns Coop who has his tale between his legs by the end of the game.

That night Mark has a nightmare where he is surrounded by Charles Barkley everywhere. We can say this would be a nasty dream because as cool as Chuck is, he ain’t the most attractive guy in the world.

This brings us to the climax where Coop has to face his fears and guard Barkley again. At the end of a close game, Mark blocks Charles shot, then makes the winning basket. Redemption!

But he is still axed from the team. Awwww.

The upside is that he gets his old job back at the high school and they retire his jersey. Makes a dude want to get emotional!

Today’s video isn’t of Sir Charles appearance on Hangin’with Mr. Cooper, because that clip is impossible to find. However, here is a clip of Tiger Woods doing an imitation of Barkley’s golf swing. For anybody who doesn’t know, Charles is an obsessive golfer, but is horrendous at the game.

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1. August 1st 2007 @ 01:46. KylieW Says:
I used to really like Hanging with Mr Cooper. I can vaguely remember this episode.

I love any tv shows where they bring in professinal sports players. The acting is so bad, it's fantastic. My favourite is still the episdoe of Baywatch that had the Aussie Iron Men in it. I've never ever seen acting that bad in my life. Fantastic!

2. August 1st 2007 @ 09:57. Stanley Says:
kylie i agree hahaha. athletes are such terrible actors that it is often times entertaining till it hurts! it is fun to see these humans who are obviously so good at what they do, and so widely admired as well falling short in a public activity.

but still i am a big fan of cheese and athlete/actors are the biggest ones of them all.

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